Monday, May 18, 2009

Mmm, in my belly!

My Human seems annoyed with me.

I don't understand.

Usually on Mondays, he deprives me of all offerings and attention. It is a very sad start to the day. We barely even go for a walk. Bad start to the week.

He says it's so I'm hungry and full of beans for our training class.

Well, phooey on him! Today we went for a walk with a Small Human and I was SO HAPPY!

When we came home, he said he had to work for a bit. I waited until I heard him start typing and then I quietly took the bag he had just loaded for me, and I ate every last offering.

It was all so delicious! Like my training class, but without all those silly commands.

When we got to class, he had replaced the offerings in the bag, but I wasn't that interested in doing anything. I wanted to smell all the other dog's butts and see what offerings they were getting, rather than listen to him.

I am Mo Mo - you cannot leave a bag of offerings unattended and not expect me to eat it! Silly human! Lots of treats for me!

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