Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My human clearly has it in for me! Send help!

I was quietly napping when I heard a strange clicking sound.

And again. As I woke, I became aware of something gently holding my left back foot.


EGADS!!! My toenails were being removed!

I screamed so loud that my human's ears are still ringing. I have a sound I emit at a high volume and a high pitch when my feet are touched - I amplified that sound tenfold and extended it's length from two seconds to eight. The desired effect was achieved - the human release me.

I gathered every last bit of energy and leapt four feet into the air and then ran for the other end of the apartment.

Three of my nails are now shorter than the others. He will not get the rest!

I watched as he held the cats down and click, click, clicked all of their nails on their back feet. I noticed he did not trim their front feet, I must investigate this further. They did not struggle, but meekly submitted to his torture.

I'm sure if I bother Scout enough, she will smack me with her paws and maybe I can catch a peek then.

The large dog seemed unfazed by the carnage. Not that I need her help, but it would be nice to know that she would gather her 120 lbs and come to my rescue if I did!

I am Mo Mo, if I wanted a pedicure, I would ask!

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