Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This evening, I helped the large dog accompany the human on our walk. As we were leaving the yard, I spied something moving beneath a leaf.

Before The Human could stop me, I darted toward it and courageously thrust my nose into the pile of leaves.

I retracted my head and between my compact yet powerful jaws, I had captured a fierce intruder. I shook my head back and forth until I felt it was completely killed. I was fearsome and ruthless. I must slay the intruder and protect my family.

The whole time, The Human was yanking at the end of the leash saying "Mozey, drop it! Put it down!" I did not listen. He would have me release the foul vermin!

Once I was convinced it was completely dead, I came to my humans feet and sat, looking at him expectantly. My conquest dangled from my mouth, making it difficult to communicate. I laid it at his feet, and sat, fixing him with my hypnotic gaze.

He said "Good Mozey, good boy! What a good hunter!" and presented me with an offering.

Rodents live in fear of the compact yet powerful dog who walks among you!

I am MoMo, slayer of mice!

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