Monday, April 27, 2009

My, what big ears you have!

My human would like to post a picture. But he cannot. He says that something happened to the camera and he is contemplating the purchase of a new annoying flashy light to shove in our faces.

But this post is not about The Human, his ears appear to be quite of normal human size, that is, too small to hear anything useful.

The Big Dog has much larger ears than I. And she is much less fastiduous about her grooming. Occasionally she licks her butt - unlike the cats and I, she does not have a handle on appropriate bodily hygiene.

Lucky for her, I am available and willing to help with the deep cleaning. The human generally laughs at us, which I do not appreciate. Human laughter distracts me.

I have discovered that my powerful yet compact muzzle fits perfectly into Monty's ear, and that if I'm careful not to tickle too much, I can remove all the goo from her ears with my deft tongue. If I tickle her, she gets annoyed and stomps off, but she appreciates the meticulous attention I give to her inner ears.


  1. The Big Dog must be so lucky to have you to groom her. By the way, may I add you to my "favorite places to visit" on my blog?

  2. Mika - of course you may. I would love to grace your favorite places to visit list with my regal presence.

    - A bientot, Mo Mo